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Cuvée Single Cask

Our Cuvée Single Cask, cask-strength offering in the Courage & Conviction Single Cask line.

Aged a minimum of four years, this 100% malted barley whisky is matured in specialty Cuvée wine casks and bottled at cask strength. The Cuvée casks originate from premium red wine producers, and their interiors are shaved, re-toasted and re-charred before filling spirit into the cask for maturation.


Plum, dark raspberry, rich chocolate torte and clove


Tart cherry, blood orange, cocoa, and burnt sugar


Candied walnuts and ginger

What makes it special

  • Made with 100% malted barley.
  • As our blenders taste the progress of the whisky aging in Cuvée casks, special discoveries are hand-selected and set aside as single cask offerings. Aged for a minimum of four years in first-fill Cuvée casks.
  • These casks undergo 'STR' treatment, meaning 'Shave, Toast, Re-char'. This process releases beautiful sugars and aromas from the wine casks, along with additional caramel, toffee and vanilla flavors.
  • We are one of only a handful of distilleries in the world to use these unique Cuvée casks, a profile developed by the late Dr. Jim Swan.
  • The hot summers and cool winters of Virginia's dynamic climate make this American Single Malt incredibly distinct.
  • Each single cask bottling has its own unique flavor profile.
  • This whisky showcases its natural color, is not chill-filtered, and is bottled at cask strength.


Tasting Panel Magazine
96 Points, 2022
LA Spirits Awards
Platinum, 2022
The Spirits Business Awards
Platinum, 2022
Ultimate Spirits Challenge
Chairman's Trophy, 2022

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