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Courage & Conviction


“Have the courage of your convictions,” was a saying George often repeated to friends and family. His credo became our core principle and the name of our newest American Single Malt whisky line, Courage & Conviction.


The late Dr. George G. Moore had a great passion for single malt whisky and his adopted home in Virginia. A native Irishman, George came to the U.S. in the 1970’s to seek new opportunities. In 2011, after many years of building successful businesses in both the U.S. and Ireland, George finally had the chance to combine his two passions when he started Virginia Distillery Company.

Today, George’s wife, Angela Moore, and their son, Gareth Moore, along with his wife, Maggie Moore, have taken the helm to continue building George’s dream. “Have the courage of your convictions” is a saying George often repeated to friends and family. His credo became our core principle and the name of our newest American Single Malt whisky, Courage & Conviction.


The journey begins

Son of a Shoemaker

Dr. George G. Moore, the son of a shoemaker, an Irish immigrant, always had a love of single malt whisky. A self-made man, and when he eventually had the means, he set out to redefine what heights a great American Whisky could reach. With a team of whisky experts and distillery engineers, George crafted his plans in his adopted home of Virginia, and incorporated Virginia Distillery Co.

Land is Surveyed, Ground is Broken

Creating a hidden gem nestled in Virginia's majestic Blue Ridge Mountains. Our expert surveyors unveil the perfect canvas for our distillery in a picturesque mountain valley. Where nature meets craftsmanship. Breaking ground, forging a legacy. Excavation commences, carving the path for our state-of-the-art single malt distillery. From soil to spirit, the journey begins.

Construction begins

Where tradition meets innovation, our distillery begins to rise. Melding old-world techniques with new-world ingenuity, our Scottish-crafted copper pot stills are delivered on site, and excitement continues to build for this one-of-one distillery built specifically for making traditional single malt in the dynamic climate of Virginia.


Tragedy Strikes

Before George could realize his vision, and while the distillery was still being built, he sadly and unexpectedly passed away. Construction is paused indefinitely while the family mourns the loss of George's passing.

An Inherited Vision

Following the shock of losing their loved one, George's wife, Angela, instructs her son, Gareth, to go to Virginia to 'see what your Father was up to with this whisky business.' Gareth, having no background in whisky production, arrives on site and is struck by the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the distillery site. Filled with inspiration, and seeing what his Father had seen, he calls his mom and says he wants to carry out his Father's vision.


Courage & Conviction

Courage & Conviction

Angela, Board Chair, and Gareth, CEO, finished building Virginia Distillery Co.'s distillery with the help of George's early advisors, and were charged with fulfilling his vision. George often said, 'Have the courage of your convictions.' It's why once the distillery was built and it was time to launch our first American Single Malt product, we chose the name 'Courage & Conviction' to honor George's vision, inherited by Angela & Gareth.


A Vision Realized

Distillery of the Year

In 2023, Courage & Conviction won both 'Distillery of the Year' and 'Whisky of the Year' from the London Spirits Competition, a moment cherished by the family and evidence of the determination of the family to see out George's vision. We keep pressing on, to find new heights for great American whiskies, and are guided by an inherited vision that was left to us by George.

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