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Courage & Conviction

Own your own cask

Discover how we're making it possible for you to join our exclusive Cask Society and own a cask of our exceptional American Single Malt whisky.


Our Courage & Conviction line is the most awarded American Single Malt in the world, and we're giving you the unique opportunity to purchase and age a cask of your own through our Cask Society.

Step One

Join Cask Society

When you join our Cask Society, you'll have to ability to select a specific cask type from our premium stock of casks from around the world, including bourbon, sherry, and cuvée casks. We then fill your cask with our extraordinarily/expertly crafted spirit for maturation in our distillery cask houses. The beauty of our whisky comes to life during the maturation process as the spirit interacts with your cask. We like to say we let the whisky tell us when it's ready, but generally speaking we find true viability after 3 years, and peak potential after 7.

Step Two

Cask Monitoring

As we watch over your cask, our sensory team will monitor the development of your whisky the entire time.
Of course, you'll be able to sample the progression of your whisky at various points during maturation.
When you're eventually ready to bottle, you let us know, and we will move to bottling and fulfilling shipment through an authorized retailer. With each sip you enjoy, you'll taste the dedication and care we put into each dram of whisky.

Step Three


There will only be one cask with the character of yours, making this a truly unique opportunity to invest in a one-of-a-kind whisky, that you personally helped create.
We hope you'll join our exclusive club and go on this whisky journey with us!

Cask Society Inquiry

For all Cask Society Inquiries and Pricing, please contact Head of Advocacy & Select Cask Sales,
Jennifer Wren, at or alternatively use the form below:

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