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Single Malt Snap: A Fresh Take on Whisky and Ginger

The Single Malt Snap is a testament to the timeless appeal of whisky and ginger, reimagined with premium ingredients for a contemporary palate. By blending the complex flavors of Courage & Conviction Signature Malt with the sharpness of high-quality ginger syrup and a splash of soda water, this cocktail delivers a burst of freshness with every sip. It’s a drink designed for those who appreciate the nuances of a well-crafted cocktail.



  • 2 oz Courage & Conviction Signature Malt: A foundation of intricate flavors that stands out even when mixed.
  • 0.5 oz Pratt Standard Ginger Syrup: Offers a biting, fresh ginger taste that complements the whisky perfectly.
  • 2 dashes Orange Bitters: Adds a layer of citrus complexity.
  • 3 oz Soda Water: Brings a refreshing effervescence to the cocktail.
  • Garnish: A lemon wheel for a touch of citrusy brightness.
  • Ice: Rocks


Glassware: Highball Glass



  1. Build with Boldness: Begin by adding ice to a highball glass, followed by the orange bitters, ginger syrup, and Courage & Conviction Signature Malt.
  2. Elevate with Effervescence: Gently top the mixture with soda water, careful to preserve the drink's lively carbonation.
  3. Stir to Perfection: Stir the concoction gently to integrate all the flavors without sacrificing the soda's fizz.
  4. Finish with Flair: Garnish the cocktail with a lemon wheel, adding a visual and aromatic appeal that complements the drink's spicy and citrus notes.


Flavor Notes:

The Single Malt Snap excels in its simplicity and balance, featuring the bold character of fresh ginger and the zesty kick of citrus. The Courage & Conviction Signature Malt ensures the cocktail has a solid whisky backbone, its complex profile shining through without being overshadowed by sweetness or artificial flavors. This version proves that a whisky and ginger drink can be both refreshing and nuanced.


A New Classic for Any Occasion:

Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a quiet evening at home, or simply seeking a refreshing cocktail, the Single Malt Snap is a versatile choice that promises satisfaction. It’s a celebration of quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation, making it a standout addition to any cocktail repertoire.

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