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Savor the Essence of Summer with the Ginger Peach Smash

As the warmth of summer unfurls, what better way to celebrate the season than with a cocktail that captures its very essence? Meet the Ginger Peach Smash, a tantalizing concoction that pairs the natural sweetness of peaches with the vibrant zing of ginger, all while showcasing the robust flavors of Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Whisky. This drink isn't just a cocktail; it's a summertime revelation in a glass.


Gather Your Ingredients for the Ginger Peach Smash:


  • 2 oz Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Whisky: An award-winning spirit that brings a note of elegance to any cocktail.
  • ½ oz Keep it Simple Sugarcane Syrup: Because true sweetness lies in simplicity.
  • 3 oz Gosling’s Ginger Beer: A spicy complement that bubbles with excitement.
  • 1 Peach: Juicy and ripe, ready to lend its summery charm.
  • Mint Sprigs: A breath of freshness to elevate the sensory experience.


Crafting Your Cocktail: Step-by-Step:


  1. Muddle the Magic: In a shaker tin, muddle slices of ½ a peach with 2-3 fresh mint leaves, crushing them gently to release their natural oils and flavors.


  1. Shake it Up: Add the simple syrup and Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Whisky to the shaker. Fill it with ice and shake it well, blending the ingredients with enthusiasm and care.


  1. Serve with Style: Strain your vibrant mix into a glass filled with fresh ice, letting the rich colors and aromas tempt the senses. Top it off with Gosling’s Ginger Beer for a fizzy flourish.


  1. Garnish Galore: Garnish with a few sprigs of mint and a peach slice. The final touch should be as much a feast for the eyes as for the palate.


Why Courage & Conviction is the Cocktail Connoisseur's Choice


Every sip of the Ginger Peach Smash is a testament to the quality of Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Whisky. It's not just about the notes of vanilla and spices or the whisper of oak; it's about how these elements come together to elevate a simple summer drink into something extraordinary.


Bring the Orchard to Your Bar


Why wait for the perfect moment when you can create it? With the Ginger Peach Smash, you're not just mixing a drink; you're crafting an experience. Let Courage & Conviction be the heart of your home bar this summer.


Tempted? Of course, you are. Embrace the spirit of summer and bring home Courage & Conviction Signature Malt Whisky. Whether you're hosting a garden party or simply soaking up the sunshine, the Ginger Peach Smash is your companion for those unforgettable summer moments.

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