Courage & Conviction

The Medallion Program: Pre-Sale Offering

The Medallion Program allows members access to a special limited edition of Courage & Conviction, aged a minimum of three years. The product will be a distinct barrel selection from our core Flagship offering. Each annual offering will be a unique batch with a different removable medallion.

This is a three-year aging program. The current offering allows purchasing now with bottles shipping in late 2021.

Purchasing a membership guarantees access to this limited release whisky. All memberships come with the allocated bottlings based on purchasing level as well as access to any member event or perks throughout the membership period.

Suggested retail price upon release is $80 per 750ML bottle.

Purchase Now

Membership Options:

1-2 bottles: $70 per 750ML bottle

3-5 bottles: $65 per 750ML bottle

6+ bottles: $60 per 750ML bottle

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